Energy and data transmission systems for cranes and all types of mobile equipment and machinery.

“RM International group” is a part of Corporation with a 30-year history. We enjoy a long term experience in the markets Europe: Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, the Czech Republic,  Netherlands, Germany, Norway, Finland, Luxembourg; Russia, Moldova, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, Japan, Kenya. Our products are also in high demand in Russia from Kaliningrad to Vladivostok from Krasnodar to Yakutia.

Our energy and data transmission systems successfully operate at chemical and phosphate plants, steel and cement factories, at nuclear power stations, in sea and river ports, at the rail container terminals in severe temperature conditions from -60º in the open air to +180º in foundries.

In their explosion-proof version they work even in aggressive chemical environment.

“RMInternationalgroup” supplies all range of power systems from simple rope to more complex, as for cranes with lifting capacity of 800 tons.

We supply various types of equipment as

Cable trolleys, cable festoon systems:

                                                                                  Cable festoon and accessories



                                                                    Conductor bar


                                                                     Drag chain                                           


                                                                   Cable reels


                                                                           Crane cab


                                                          Crane runway





            RM INTERNATIONAL GROUP policy, is always aimed at our partners and at finding due solutions even in crucial issues.

           We regard any challenge as a real opportunity to develop.

           Our work principles ensure our high professionalism:

  • It’s a long term success in the market;
  • Professional support of transactions at all stages;
  • Individual approach to each partner;
  • Offering optimal alternative solutions allowing to save our partner's time and money;
  • We offer flexible pricing system;
  • We supply spare parts at catalog prices
  • We guarantee a perfect balance of price and quality;
  • We are committed to efficient execution of contract dates;
  • We ensure high quality of our products;
  • And provide warranty for all our products ;
  • All our systems are simple in mount, reliable and handy.

                     Welcome  to   cooperation!